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Who We Are

We are creative types (with a side order of geekery).

We design and build interesting, beautiful and fun things, including websites, social campaigns and printed stuff.

We are RB7 Design and we’d love to work with you.

What We Do


We design websites that work beautifully on mobile.

Mobile first

We’ve all experienced websites that are unusable on mobile devices. And in this day and age, that’s unforgiveable.

Up to two thirds of your site visitors will be using a smartphone. That’s why we design websites from the ground up to be beautiful and work flawlessly on small screens as well as large.

It’s called “responsive design” and it’s not only good for your users, it’s good for your Google ranking, too.

We design custom WordPress websites.


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world – so popular, in fact, that it powers over 30% of the world’s websites.

We specialise in bespoke WordPress websites, creating a unique theme that matches your brand and vision perfectly. But if all you want is to get online quickly with an off-the-shelf theme, we can do that, too.

If you already have a WordPress website but you need a WordPress developer to make changes or fix an issue, we’re happy to step in with expert help and advice.

We build easy-to-use online shops.


Running an online shop doesn’t have to be difficult or complex.

At RB7 Design, we can get you selling online in no time with a beautiful shop front that fits your brand perfectly, entices your customers and, most importantly, generates sales to help your business grow.

We can also provide training so you can manage your products, stock, pricing and order chain yourself using a simple, web-based interface.

We do clever things with code.

Geek stuff

The digital world runs on code. You don’t need to know how it works, you just need it to work.

The good news is that we understand the tech so you don’t have to.

Perhaps you’ve just installed a new WordPress plugin to find it’s broken your website. We can fix it.

Or maybe you’ve had a great idea for a web app or widget. We have the knowhow to turn your idea into reality.


We create low cost apps.


Are you looking to have an app developed but are put off by the high costs and complexity? A Progressive Web App may be the answer.

Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs for short) are apps that run as normal websites but can also be installed to your phone or tablet’s home screen. They look and behave just like any other app but PWAs are quicker, easier and cheaper to develop and maintain than traditional “native” apps.

Let RB7 Design work with you to turn your app concept into reality.


We create eye-catching social media content.

Compelling content

People are judging you. Opinions are formed in seconds. Harsh but true.

That’s why it’s so important that the social content you put out there is considered, designed, manicured.

We offer a range of services to make sure that the image your brand presents is buff and beach-ready.

We create images and video that pop.

Media creation

At the heart of social media is, well, media. Only the best images and video will beat the scroll and get your audience to stop, stare and share.

We can help to create those stand out moments with studio quality photos, super slick videos and custom artwork.

Your business will never have looked so beautiful.

We write punchy copy.

Copy writing

If you’ve read this far, you’re abnormal. In the nicest possible way.

Most people don’t read, they skim. In a world of #hashtags and blink-and-you-miss-it attention spans, you need to choose your words very carefully.

We write copy that packs a punch and gets your message across quickly.


We design professional, creative logos.


Whether you need a brand new logo for your fledgling business or you have an existing logo that needs anything from a little tweak to a full redesign, we can help.

We design logos for the digital age, ensuring that your brand looks just as slick on a social media profile as it does on your business cards.

We design printed stuff.


As far reaching as digital media is, sometimes you can’t beat good old fashioned print to promote your business.

From flyers to brochures, banners to exhibition stands, RB7 Design has all your design-for-print needs covered.

We design business cards, letterheads and more.


Snail mail lives! And first impressions count.

Properly designed letterheads, creative and imaginative business card design, and custom printed envelopes can all help to communicate to your customers that you’re a professional, dynamic and creative business.

Where We Are

We are based in Taunton in beautiful Somerset* (in the south west of the UK, or England to our American friends) but, as you may have noticed, the internet doesn’t pay much attention to geography.

We have clients as far afield as North America and Australia and we’d be delighted to talk to you about your project, wherever you are. Just use the contact form below to get the ball rolling.

*If you only know Somerset as a place you drive through to get to Devon or Cornwall, you may like to stop off sometime to sample our amazing cider and breathtaking scenery. Or you could just bypass Somerset as normal and save us the sticky summer traffic of our better known neighbours. Your call.

How To Contact Us

Drop us a line using the form below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.