Everything has a price tag

or "how to determine the length of a piece of string"

Whatever Jessie J may have you believe, in the real world you can’t ignore the price tag.

So let’s start with the headline and then break it down a bit.

Websites start from around £2500.

There are so many different factors that affect this pricing (do you need e-commerce? photography services? content creation?) that it’s impossible to be more accurate than that until we’ve talked to you and properly scoped your project.

Although £2.5k is a starting point, it’s not unusual for an uncomplicated site to come in around that figure.

Depending on where you are on your journey, that may sound a lot or not very much. So read on to find out why we are so cheap or why we’re so expensive.

ball of string

Why are you so cheap?

Firstly, we’re based in Somerset, not London. Office space is cheap and salaries are lower. We pass these savings on to you.

Secondly, we keep things lean. Rather than employ lots of people full time, we use trusted friends and regular collaborators to bring extra skills to the table when required. All of our partners are local specialists from Somerset, helping to maintain our strong local roots. Rest assured that this process is always completely transparent to you, and you will be dealing directly with RB7.

Finally, we understand that nobody has money to throw around, especially in the current climate, so we work hard to find the most efficient ways of designing your site.

Why are you so expensive?

If you think we’re expensive, you’re not comparing apples with apples. We believe that, for a bespoke product like ours, we represent outstanding value for money.

Here are some reasons that others may be cheaper.

They’re using off the peg design templates

Sometimes when you go shopping for a green T-shirt you get lucky - you find one in just the right shade that fits perfectly and all at a great price. And sometimes you come home with a blue T-shirt because that’s what the shop had. You might be okay with that, but can the sleeves be made a bit longer? No. Can the material be made a bit thicker? No. Can you have constrasting stitching? No. That blue T-shirt has been designed to fit everyone vaguely and no-one perfectly.

It’s the same with off the peg website designs. You might get lucky, but heaven help you if you want something changing.

We design our sites from scratch with no artificial limitations.

They’re not bothered about content and site structure

Some people will build a website without thinking about the most basic questions: Who is this website for? What does it need to say? How do we best get our message across? Does this content really need to be there?

We go beyond the look of a website to make sure the structure and content really work and tell your brand story.

They’re using “page builders”

Page builders are software tools that are commonly used to bring a more “drag and drop” experience to web design. This can make it quicker and easier for a web developer to go from concept to finished site. However, they can be incredibly clunky to use and maintain once the site has been handed over to you, the client.

If we’re being honest, they also give you, the client, a bit too much control. That’s a controversial statement. Let us explain.

Good design operates within strong boundaries. That’s why your brand’s style guidelines will be very prescriptive about which colours you can use, which fonts, how big the logo should be, and so on. The problem with page builders is that the office junior who’s adding a news post to your website can do whatever they want - change font, resize headings, put “funky” patterns around the page - and basically make it look like a child with crayons has been let loose on your beautiful new website.

A well built site from RB7 will give you all the freedom you need to add content but within fixed, brand-aligned boundaries, ensuring that Comic Sans never gets anywhere near your site.

Convinced yet?

Good. We knew you looked like a sensible sort.

Let’s have a chat and get this ball rolling.

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